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“'Nod To The Peanuts' is a darkly smoldering indie-rock/hip-hop hybrid that makes me think of the Mountain Goats teaming up with Prefuse 73" - STEREOGUM

"John Herndon’s art and music have had a huge impact on skateboarding" - VICE

"reaches the body and engages the mind...the result is an album that sounds like no one else's." - ROLLING STONE (on Tortoise)

"Weirdly beautiful and impossible to pin down” - PITCHFORK (on Tortoise)

"Tortoise garnered a level of influence in indie music that almost rivals that of Animal Collective today.  Post-rock was one of the most active threads of the 90s, and Tortoise not only set the bar for it, they leaped right over it." - PITCHFORK

"Continues to deliver surprising takes on dub, techno, and atonal minimalist punk." - THE NEW YORKER (on Tortoise)

“When Tortoise emerged from the American punk/lo-fi scene in 1993, they redefined the possibilities of rock.” - THE GUARDIAN UK

“Tortoise is a genre unto itself: cited as a progenitor of post-rock, and clearly indebted to its home town’s history of improvisers and fusionists, Tortoise is an American underground institution.” - BOSTON GLOBE

“Everyone from Battles to Sigur Ros parlay elements of the Chicagoans’ avant-rock-meets-dub-meets-classical minimalism into critical and commercial gold” - MOJO (on Tortoise)

“Tortoise enabled the cross-pollination we take from granted today, drawing on dub, post-punk, weird folk, jazz-fusion, progressive rock and dance music to open a Pandora’s box of possibilities” - THE SUNDAY TIMES UK

"To be smart and original, playful and provocative — those are the standards Tortoise really aspire to, and that they achieve here as ingeniously as ever.” - ROLLING STONE

“Like Fugazi and Slint, Tortoise wasn’t only responsible for its own genius (an influential template of hypnotic, organic, complex instrumental rock) but also for the dozens of imitators left in its wake. So exciting and rare was the band’s ability that the gap between indie rock and avant-garde was momentarily bridged.” - MAGNET

"John's artwork boasts dark, psychedelic complexities of which seem to resonate with a much broader cross-section of society than one might think." - HAVOC TV

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